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Decorative Concrete

Many customers from homeowners, to businesses to architects are using decorative concrete. It is an attractive and unique construction option that is particularly popular in Oklahoma City. Clients can now choose their own colors, hues and designs to make their property one of a kind. You will make all of your neighbors, family and friends jealous of your property with decorative concreting.

By choosing decorative concrete you are making an investment into your property. You can add more value to any property by giving it an individual, designer look. The property market is competitive so give your home or building an edge that no other has with ornamental concrete.

With decorative concrete, you have a variety of different designs and shapes. You can have concrete created to look like bricks, rocks, tiles and flagstones. These are very popular designs but there are many other decorative designs and colours you can choose from. Not only can you choose from designs you can also choose surfaces. You can have a smooth surface or a rough one. Rough surfaces are usually used around pool areas and smooth for driveways. There are so many finished results that you can create.

Here are some examples of decorative concrete : choose the one you prefer and meet us : we , construction companies in Oklahoma City , will present you our catalog and photos of realizations.



We specialise in:

Decorative Concrete Blocks
Decorative Concrete Floors
Decorative Concrete Resurfacing
Decorative Concrete Staining
Decorative Stamped Concrete
Decorative Concrete Driveway
Decorative Concrete Patio
Decorative Concrete Finishes

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Exposed Aggregate  

Exposed aggregate concrete is useful and decorative at the same time.  A plain, unremarkable surface has been stripped away to reveal the exceptional beauty of the added decorative aggregate, either natural or manufactured. The decorative process of exposing aggregate has been around since the early 1900’s.  An exposed aggregate finish offers numerous advantages like a nonskid surface, resistant to heavy traffic, resistant to extreme weather, unlimited color and texture variations, highly versatile and contrasts with other concrete in your landscaping, very little maintenance required.


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