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The Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring


  • Polished concrete is extremely versatile, allowing you to experiment with textures and colours in order to create a truly unique look. Anti slip elements can also be applied to give you a non slip surface.
  • Underfloor heating works very well with Polished Concrete flooring, giving you a lovely warm floor to walk on.
  • Polished Concrete provides an extremely hard wearing floor and if properly maintained will last for many years.
  • Polished Concrete is very easy to maintain and should give you years to trouble free usage.
  • This polished concrete process allows that we get back to its basic raw materials and you can start seeing the chips that make the concrete come together.


Polished Concrete Floors

We produce large industrial floors for warehouses, conference centres, ice rinks and cold stores and commercial and retail applications such as office foyers, restaurants, art galleries and bars.

Our skilled tradesmen will also lay your concrete floor on metal decking (multi-levels) or provide a nice brush finish to your external roads.

Smaller clients who require bespoke finishes also make up an important part of our clientele. 

We also offer a free full colour maintenance manual on how to care for your concrete floor.


How do concrete contractors Oklahoma City do it for you?

Our process of making polished concrete is based around what our clients want. Once you have decided on the style, design and look of the polished concrete floor you want, we begin the process for you. We offer several concrete polishing options, including:

  • The “Salt and Pepper”, which is when we grind down the concrete to the exposed aggregate, leaving a salt and pepper look.
  • The Grind and Seal Method, which involves us grinding down the concrete to the lower levels and then sealing the floor with our premium concrete polishing sealer.
  • Overlay Method, which is when we merge two different concrete slabs together to have a uniform look. Although this is not technically considered a polished concrete service, we have been happy to offer it to our clients.

It is a fun and exciting when you get to chose the polished concrete floor you want. As it is just as fun and exciting for us to not only help you chose the concrete finish you want, but to create and develop it for you.


First and foremost, it’s durable and made to last the distance. It can endure years of wear and tear, and remain as polished and as brand new as ever. In addition, the artistic possibilities with commercial and residential polished concrete floors are endless. You can have a straight normal concrete finish, mix it with several different colours, or you can choose one of our more popular options – aggregate colours. 


On top of our wide selection of options and services, our friendly and honest customer service is what sets us apart from the rest of the competition. We treat our customers and clients with respect and honesty, making sure they are always part of our polished concrete floors process.


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